New Design 1000W inverter solar power supply Pure Sine Wave

  • [ ModelNO ] £º UTSP121000
  • [ Input ] £º AC80~265V£¬45~66Hz
  • [ Type ] £º 
  • [ Dimension ] £º
  • [ N.G. ] £º

Usage:    solar power supply




Over-temperature protection£º85¡æ¡£Operating ambient temperature: -25~+50¡æ¡£storage temperature:10~+35¡æ
AC Input£º
Input Voltage£º AC80~265V£¬45~66Hz¡£
Input Power£º120W(max)
Internal charging current£º8.0A(max)
Protection£ºcooling fan£¬over-temperature protection.
Photovoltaic module input£º
Input Voltage£º 18V(type)£¬(max:15V~30V)
Input Power£º540W(max)
Input Power£º30A(max)
Protection£ºshort-circuit protection, cooling fan£¬over-temperature protection.
AC Output£º
Output voltage£º 220V pure sine wave (customized)
Output frequency£º50Hz(or 60Hz)
Output power£º1000W(type)
No-load current£º0.7A(max)
Protection£ºshort-circuit protection£¬overload protection, cooling fan£¬over-temperature protection.
DC Output£º
Output voltage£º 12V(type)
Output power£º72W(Type)
Output current£º6A(type),10A(max)
Protection£ºshort-circuit protection£¬overload protection£¬cooling fan£¬over-temperature protection.
USB Output£º
Output voltage£º 5.0V(type)
Output power£º10W(Type)
Output current£º2.5A(max)
Protection£ºshort-circuit protection£¬overload protection.
Accumulator Port£º
Input voltage£º 12V(lead batteries, gel battery, lithium iron phosphate battery)
Capacity Demand£º 100Ah(min)
Protection£ºpolarity transposition£¬over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection.



With polarity transposition protection, when positive and negative interfaces is reversed connection, the system would be protected from booting. Only when it is properly connected, the system will work normally.
If the battery voltage is below 11V, or insufficient capacity is less than 11V, the LCD display flashes the load-empty symbol. All output will be automatically shut down. When the battery voltage is higher than 15.5V, the LCD display flashes the full grid of electricity symbol, all output will also be automatically shut down to protect the components from damage.
The output of this product is a pure sine wave. It can drive TV, fans, computers, washing machines, refrigerators and other small power everyday appliances very well.